Our system  is used to receive and pack material for domestic and international shipments. It provides everything you need for export packing, warehousing, material tracking, or logistics:

Key Benefits

Web Based System

Our system is web-based. You can view your P.O.s, receivings, material receipts, packing lists, containers and other important data about your shipments in real time. You (your sales, warehouse and office staff) can access data safely and easily anywhere in the world, as if you are sitting in our office. Our system keeps our company open for business 24 hours every day. Appropriate levels of secure access to data can be provided to our customers and their staff instantly, at your discretion.

Dynamic and On Demand Program Generator

Our system has a program Generator that lets us  pro­duce custom inquiries and reports quickly and easily for you and your staff—without the expense of hir­ing a computer programmer—by pointing and clicking on any field on the screen.

Seamless Integration with Microsoft Products

Our system is fully integrated with Microsoft® products, seamlessly letting our employees send data directly to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and our e-mail or fax programs, whichever you prefer. With our system, any document or report can be sent to Microsoft Windows® programs, then e-mailed or faxed to any client. Data can be created and sent just as easily and quickly in EDI, PDF or EXCEL formats.